Social media has been awash with a viral video going round, about of a young lady who has been seen dancing naked and causing havocโ€™s to motorists

Though information has not been verify yet, but about the circumstances surrounding her walking naked on the street, an unconfirmed sources available to Sunnaija, the lady is a Ghanaian and may have been used for money rituals, another source said she ran mad for sleeping with another ladyโ€™s husband, and another source said the lady is a Congolese actress Jameliasopo.


We are still digging for information from a very more reliable source and the reason why a beautiful lady like this should be running on the street naked,

In another video that surfaced online yesterday, she was seen looking very beautiful, dressed very properly with makeup on.

Almost everybody is thinking maybe is Jameliasopo that gone mad. Alot on Tiktok Users have been communicating, some saying she’s the one in the video, some saying she’s is not the lady in the viral video , with a couple of visual evidence in the video it shows the video is fake.


Screenshot from Tiktok๐Ÿ‘‡


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