Providence confers on humanity the right to excel but choices as building or stumbling bricks need reassessment to safeguard the future. In Nigeria are dreams of acceptable welfare, security and comfort of the citizenry unfulfilled due to deficient choices in who are enthroned in leadership positions.
Wonder why Benue State is yet to breast the tape of victory in the race for political and economic emancipation despite abundant human and natural resources ? Everything rests on leadership. “Makurdi” the state capital has not transformed a City when state capitals far younger are already sprawling Cities in Nigeria.
Often, the wisdom to enthrone those with the right skills and credentials in the corridors of power are missed. In Benue State and indeed, Nigeria, the scarcity of such personalities on the political arena is quite obvious and the political scene is a complex abode of the fit and unfit in the conundrum with misgovernance and waste as a consequence of choices.

It is dark in the Benue political skyline but a distant light in the firmanent offers a glimmer of hope. Hope as a crop of talented visionaries emerge and ready to make a difference in politics and governance. One of such personalities is an unassuming professional brimming with visions and ideas to recreate Benue state.
Bred in the true tradition of servant leadership, Engr.Terver Atsar marries hardwork with discipline to erase fears of rocking the ship of statehood should he emerges as Captain, despite the tempestuous sea wave. Having served in different leadership and management capacities, he is knowledgable and ready to bring his rich experience and skills to bear in resources management and leadership service of Benue State once it is time.
Detribalized, Atsar looks set to embrace all, irrespective of ethnic backgrounds. Better still, he is poised to transform Benue State into the dream place for all through visions and mentorship. Have you ever dreamt of a prosperous Benue State where Agriculture and Cement production compete in value with the oil industry? A tuber of yam shall sell for one barrel of oil with Onion, Ginger, Tomatoes, Oranges and Mango duly processed in industries domiciled in Benue State for export.

Never shall the Benue farmer wallow in penury or the traditional institution be sidelined in governance but each of them will be ushered into a season of bliss by a government that is considerate and endowed with vision and foresight for the lasting growth and development of the state, the youths and women will exude in unprecedented inclusion and civil servants will be proud of their meaningful upliftment through a ‘living wage’.
Selfless, Engr. Atsar aim at inspiring the Tiv, the Idoma and the Igede to succeed in different economic and sociopolitical callings, a lifestyle he justifies with community service, philantrophy and lofty achievements in his workplace at Shell Petroleum Industry, Port Harcourt. It is time to ponder over an opportunity to re write the history of Benue State in the dawn of a new political era.

A visioner:
Wisdom breeds vision. Engr.Terver Atsar  is steeped in wisdom. My People perish for lack of wisdom ( Isaiah 5:15).
A writer:
Reading precedes writing, therefore, Terver Atsar is a reader. Readers are leaders in every clime.
A Social Engineer:
Engineers are builders. He recreates to leave a lasting legacy in every assigned responsibility.
A Teacher:
Teachers are character moulders and knowledge architects, therefore,Engr.Terver Atsar , represents hope.
A Servant:
Servants are leaders of trust who place others above self. Terver Atsar is a Servant desiring to serve the entire Benue State.
Engr. Terver Atsar, Leadership History and Awards
• Class Prefect and Timekeeper, LGED Ikpakpam- 1978
• Library Prefect, GSS Ushongo- 1986
• Best Graduating Student GSS Ushongo-1987
• Ag.President Kever Development Association, Ushongo LGA-1989
• PRO Nigeria University Engineering Students Association (NUESA) FUT Minna-1993
• NYSC Corpers Liaison Officer, Ife North Local Government Area, Osun State-1995-1996
• Dean of Studies, NKST Secondary School, HON, Gboko LGA-1997
• Head Teacher Oxford College, OKO Oba, Lagos State-1998
• Team Leader, EIA and Baseline Studies World Environmental Systems, Limited, Lagos-2000
• General Manager, World Environmental Systems, Limited, Lagos-2002.
• Ag. President, ATE U Tiv Worldwide
• Founder Mule U Tiv Worldwide.
• Best Performing Staff, Waste Management (Shell)-2019
• Elder NKST Port Harcourt.
Personal Contributions to Nation Building
• Writer and Public commentator Published over 300 Articles and commentaries on public policy in Mainstream and Social Media.
• Founded, ShelterAid Initiative-to promote clustered settlement pattern in Tivland.
• Co-founded Bethel City in Mbagwaza District as a cluster settlement.

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  1. This is great job sir,
    Keep it up

    Aondofa ·
  2. My vote will go for you in 2023 Governorship Election

    Paul Asue ·
  3. This are the people we need,
    More Grace sir

    Kennedy ·
  4. Anyone who read your write up and your profile, he / her vote is already counted for you sir, cos we need such people like you in our dear state.
    My boss, engr Atsar Terver, the hope for a better benue.
    Goodbye from poverty hunger and stavetion, welcome to the hony land with engr Atsar Terver.

    Simon Aume ·

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