The letter which was posted on a Facebook page named Emcee sleek comedy got alot of reactions many criticising the girl Blessing for her grammatical errors why others where just amazed for the content of the letter.
With such letter it only shows how evil the world is fast becoming,the only prayer one should be making to his or her creator now is for the change of heart among the youth so they can follow the right path in other to make good leaders and not sex tools without any thing reasonable in there brains to show. Attached here are the screenshots from the post showing how people reacted to it and the letter itself as posted by the Facebook page Emcee sleek comedy.

The way you use to fvck me is too hard”-Lady writes letter to boyfriend🤣.
What is this world turning into young boys and girls now engage in illicit affairs. Relationships are now opportunities for having sex at will without minding the dangers attached.
The desire of every sane parent is to train his or her child to be useful to them and the society not vise versa.Below is a letter written by an un identified girl named Blessing to her supposed boyfriend James…
Its reads “Sontimes I wonda wai I didnot refuse you.
The way you use to fok me is too hard,sontines I fill like crying real cry .
Pls James I want to tell you that it is over bitwin us.
May God find sonwan that have a strong private part for you.
Sign Blessing.

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    Why blessing naa

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