Social media comes with some challenges as well as a million benefits. Many Opie the, the introduction of Social Media has ushered the world into a new era, thanks to Informational Commutation Technologies whom is the moving engine of the new world.

Recently, a great percentage of the world population Nigeria in particular are social media users. Social media has brought people of different family background, age, gender, religion, tribe, and nationalities together. people easily communicate and interact from all over the world at the comfort of their home.

Many use social media as a platform to promote their business brands, while some use it to express their feelings on certain things and share their personal life experience or problems. Some keep the world updated about the happenings around their society.

Again, some people used social media to dupe, deceived, and commit other cyber crimes. The increasing number of cyber criminals is worrisome to an extent that, people doubt the safety of it users. Questions asked often is, how secured is social media?, how well is it regulated? Etc.

However, social media itself is not but the user could either be bad or good.

Educating and creating awareness on how social media could be used as a positive tool to impact in the society and promote good interaction among it users Sunnaija Ent. in partnership with Punch, WapTv, Dstv, Tersix Comedy, and OperaMini present FACE OF SOCIAL MEDIA NIGERIA SECOND EDITION 2021. (ONLINE CONTEST)

The contest is meant to encourage the social media users to desist from cyber crimes and make use of the numerous opportunities provided by Social Media.

There are prices for the winners, the contest is only for female’s and the entry form is totally free.
To Register visit: https://elfrique.com/fosmn-reg-form-2021

For More Enquiries contact:
Whatsapp: 09060986597

The organizers has  not yet announced the closing date for the purchase of the  entry form but it is gathered that, the closing date will be around 17th, April 2021.


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