Bloggers over years has played an important role of informing, and educating people all over the world.

Today, bloggers research their information properly, and use their platform to inform people about the happenings around the society and the world in general.

Celebrating excellence and encouraging positive competition through the mass media foster the ongoing positive renaissance and rebranding crusade in the world, particularly Nigeria. They publish and propagate news of award winning companies, corporations and organizations which challenged and motivate others to work hard.

Indeed, blogging in a rapidly-changing world is a mirror that reflects the world and its habitant.

Blogging is a profession that requires quick intelligence, abnegation, determination, and hardwork.  Without these one cannot succeed in the business. Having all that it takes, the pugnacious, lustrous young man, Kuhe Aondohemba went into blogging to make a difference as many opine, to change the Benue entertainment industry to an extension Nigeria, inject new ideas into the system to aid entertainers specifically, Benue entertainers to be moving with the new world.

In 2011, Aondohemba against all odds begins to blog however, he started to blog professionally in 2019 thereby joining the league of bloggers. He hails from Agbaikyan, Kwande Local Government Area of Benue State.

He attended the renowned Benue State University, Makurdi where he studied Library and Information Science and graduated recently (2021).

The well known Benue Blogger is the founder and CEO of Due to his love, passion and desire to affect change in the creative industry as well as to make use of the great opportunity provided by digital world, Bonezworld was established with an interesting aim of promoting entertainment and it objective, is to become the number one entertainment hub in Nigeria.

It is not surprising that after few years of launching,   today  is one of the major entertainment hub in Benue State to an extension Northern Nigeria.

Permit to suffice that, if Bonezworld did not aberrant from it original aim, mission and purpose will in the near future accelerate to become not just the best, nor the number one entertainment hub in Nigeria but Africa continent of and the entire world; hence nothing is impossible to achieve, when the zeal, desire, passion and ambition is available. It is proven that, the sky is always the starting point of those forward looking people, brands and organizations.

The promising CEO Aondohemba has a magnetic personality, lull and lucid, accoutred naturally with a charming looks, simplicity, humility, intelligence, and his friendliness attracts a lot of many people to him. He is naturally endowed with a mimicking voice.

It is just to put that,  bonezworld has a lot to offer to the world and it admirable CEO will design, and engineered the ideas that will take Benue entertainment industry to the global scene.

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