MISS GWER-EAST 2021″ empowering the girl child”

Beauty pageants are made to fulfill objectives and goals. Yet, its participants also have their own objectives with regards on beauty pageants. That participating in such kind of pageants is an effort for them to confirm their own beauty. At the same time beauty pageants have been effective as fund raisers, that can help for them to fulfill their advocacies in helping the needy, at the same time it serves as an entertainment.
The objective of the pageant is to empower young girls. This will also build confidence and leadership skills as those winning candidates would become role models. Beauty pageants also aims at empowering the contestants to contribute meaningfully to the society and show more content.

This pageant aims to be the beginning for the better life for all. The advocacy and mission of MISS GWER-EAST beauty pageant are committed to spread the message of happiness and will take a stand to fight against;
– Drug abuse
– indecent dressing
– Cultism
– gangsterism
– Alcoholism
– Child Abuse/ molestation and other social vices in our society.

And firmly to support and promote;
– Youth Education
– Girl Child Education
– Child Education, Participation, Development and survival
– Youthful leadership and many more.
On the other hand, MISS GWER-EAST beauty pageant is founded, and at that time, only Young ladies between the ages of 18 – 27 are allowed to compete.
The contestants who are competing for the Miss Gwer-East are modern, attractive and strong in their characteristics.
The candidates are performing excellent and are aware of their careers and their personal goals that the contestants want to achieve in their lives.


The MISS GWER-EAST project is centered on re-orientation of values, social cultural integration, peace promotion, talent and skills development, capacity building for self Reliance, self-employment and empowerment of female youths in Gwer-East Local Government.
The MISS GWER-EAST Beauty pageant is not all about the fun of crowning Beauty Queens but one event with much purpose aimed at assisting female youths in Gwer-East Local Government play their role as Young Ambassadors for Peace and development in our dear society.

These Beauty Queens uses their positions and offices to add value to society as well as promoting positive change and transformation in the country, as Role Models.

The events and projects of the pageant have served as a veritable platform to project the image of Gwer East local government positively and also promote the rich cultural heritage of Gwer-East in culture, fashion, Indigenous music, dance, traditional hospitality, the beauty and unique sites of our tourism potentials.

In every society, there is always a stepping stone for young people. MISS GWER-EAST is here with the same goal and vision of giving our young ladies the opportunity to exercise their desires, hence giving back to the society what they have.

If you are from Gwer East, and you have interest in pageantry, get ready!
This pageant is coming massively.

We also plead for all your support; Financially, morally, etc to Achieve this goal.

Together we move

Yours Sincerely,

Comr. Ajir Victor,
(CPC Chairman MISS GWER-EAST 2021)

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