Renowned heroes maker, Amb Nsikak Brendan, CEO Brendance and Crusader Ltd, and producer of Mr and Miss Nigeria International, the first and only mixed pageant in the country, is the first Black African to be appointed as the Choreographer/Groomer for Ms International World and Ms Latina USA.

He is a man of International repute whose profile has steadily been on the rise, the Publisher of Poise and Class Magazine, a unique African magazine which showcases the beauty of Africa and fashion with a blend of top-notch fashion.

Nsikak’s esteemed annual pageant is known for showcasing positive attributes of Nigerian Men and women. The winner portrays exemplary qualities and serves as a role model for young women in the country. One of the most remarkable aspect of the pageant is it new trend trailing over other pageants with a prime attention to promote African heritage above Western values and ideas.

The role of Nsikak’s Mr and Miss Nigeria International beauty pageant cannot be quantified as several beauty Kings and Queens have gone ahead to hit headlines in politics entertainment etc

His pageant is niched in a way that it promotes societal connections From winning mouth-watering cash prizes to becoming instant car owners, getting sponsored by several prestigious organisations, landing endorsement deals, representing Nigeria at international pageants, working with associated charities and using their status to promote their platforms (also known as ‘pet projects’), the Queens are in fact fruitfully engaged throughout their reign.

His pageant has availed innumerable youths the chance to represent Nigeria at international events among other fantastic prizes. It has become a way of encouraging self-discipline, confidence and charitable works.

Nsikak’s pageant has made today’s youth to find new opportunities locally and internationally. The likes of Big Brother Naija 2021 Housemate, Queen Mercy Atang, a 26yrs old philanthropist and aspiring politician who hails from Akwa Ibom state, currently competing for the grand price of N90 million was the winner of Nsikak’s Miss Nigeria International pageant 2015. The beautiful, gorgeous and fearless queen said to be a highly ambitious person who values everyone around her is considered a true leader and an excellent communicator with a loyal and peaceful attributes was discovered and catapulted to limelight through Mr. Nsikak’s beauty pageant.

Amb. Brendan Nsikak has visibly become an access for the son of a nobody to become somebody without knowing anybody. To say his attainment is a lifetime achievement is simply stating the obvious

His pageant has over the years checkmated and streamlined the activities of all contestants, it is at advanced stage of correcting the negative activities in the industry just as the wind of change is blowing in all the sectors in Nigeria.

Speaking with top journalists about Mr and Miss Nigeria 10th aniversary, Nsikak explained thus;

“For a child to be 10yrs old, healthy, walking stronger and improving we have to thank God.

It has been a sweet journey at the same time any journey without obstacles cannot be successful. It has been a journey with a lot of obstacles but the result is always what makes us happy’.

When asked what fans should expect from Mr and Miss Nigeria 10th anniversary.

He said “I’m expecting something different because I’m a pacesetter when it comes to content, I’m giving something different.

I’m more concerned about human capacity building, I’m not concerned about material things. I combine human capacity building in all my projects”.

Speaking further on the challenges of pageants, he postulates that “10yrs as a brand, 14yrs as a professional. The pageant industry is very sweet but very challenging, full of a lot of temptation. Most brand I have produced for have the issue of sponsorship which I do first, the issue of scandal which I have not been part of any scandal for 10yrs. It’s a plus to me. The Nigeria factor, being that you need to talk and do extra work to convince people to believe in your capacity, talent and ability. I’m of the school of thaught that when your work speaks for you, You don’t need an orator to speak, let it flow without any obstacle”.

Expressig his expectations from sponsors, Nsikak acknowledged that everyone wants to support a unique and consistent brand as he speaks of his brand with an unshakable confidence. His words;

“My brand is such a unique brand that everyone gets value for the money they invest.

This year we are celebrating our 10th anniversary, we are camping for 10 days, it means 10days full of activities and activation using the contestants to activate different values for our sponsors because this year we are going to have not less than 8hrs live streaming on YouTube and other social media and after that we have a repeat of that program that will reach a wider audience.

If you check on our YouTube for last year’s event you will see that because of the pandemic we had a livestream of over 2,000 viewers, it shows that the brand has been accepted.

So any brand coming in have a lot of opportunities to activate because our brand has 5 international Franchise that means the winner represents Miss Nigeria International globally. It means your product is going globally, talking about those in the tourism sector, when you have a national Queen or King carrying your products out of the country and bringing it back you should know the value it adds on your brand, we are talking about a wider community because we are going to have 26 of them representing different region in Nigeria, which will include voting.

Each contestant is expected to have not less than 5,000 votes to enter the house. Right now we have a hundred of them. Imagine the first stage where the 100 contestants have 3,000 audience and in the next phase each of them need to have 5,000 votes to enter the house. 5000 audience multiply by 40 of them and the number of people on social media. It goes a long way wider, wider and wider”.

Speaking on uniqueness Nsikak posits that, “Every brand has its own uniqueness and I personally respect that.

we are always a pacesetter in terms of content.

Being the convener of the first ever mixed pageant in Africa is a great achievement, you know it’s really tasking to manage male and female pageants, two big brands together at the same time. We lead and others follow, 90% of pageants copy what I have done in the last 7yrs. So this year is ‘royalty’. Fans should expect nothing less than Royalty in uniqueness, content, characterization and in molding the contestants because the African value is what we are trying to portray”.

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