Women are special beings, life partner, supportive and helpmate of a man, right from the beginning of humanity God, created a woman to be a man’s friend, companion, and soul mate. Many has Opie that, women are more powerful and stronger than men, basing their argument on why God created a woman despite he first created a man. This explain that, God knew that the man he created was too weak to be alone therefore there was need to create a stronger and super being to be with man.

Others made reference to the biblically story of Samson and Delilah to prove that women are more powerful than men. Samson was the strongest man to ever live on earth. He killed thousands of men and powerful animals with his bare hands as well as he did a lot of might things. There was no man to stand and challenge him but a woman called Delilah did not only defeated Samson, she bounded him and finally hand him over to be killed. Delilah did not apply physical powers but she use her sense of reasoning.

History has proven on numerous occasions where women has demonstrated their power over men not with physical powers but with their intelligence.

General, a woman hold a child in her womb for complete nine months. In homes, a woman most often be feeding a child, cooking, washing and doing some other domestic activities at the same time – this worth of praises. What will happen if this special, intelligent, and wonderful human being come together, and unite for a common purpose? Indeed, no matter what, they will surely achieved their goals.

However, in the 20th and 21st Century, women are fast becoming enemies – jealous, envy, disunity, and backbiting are common among women. This unhealthy competitions create room to some extent, for gender base violence to be carried against women by men particularly in Africa in the flames of culture. It has also made the special being – woman not to have a strong and United voice in the society. These and many more are the problems confronting women,  that is attributed to the unhealthy competition that is seen among them.

Considering this to be very misleading and wrong, the beautiful lady, Adedokun Bolatito Ekundayo inspired by her dreams and passion to unite women together, to support themselves and grow together as well as realizing and recognizing the fact that, every woman is a star, that has all it takes to shine bright in the sky.

Also, recognising that social media can be use as a tool for positive change on 25th April, 2020 created a group on Facebook with the Name “FEMALE TALKS” shorten as “FEMTALKS”.

The aim of the group is to give women a voice, and a platform where women can pour out their minds without being judged.

The mission and vision of Female Talks to be a female community of women supporting women to build, women stood for their fellow women, giving a helping hand to fellow women, it is high time women stop seeing the growth of another woman as competition. It is time we use one voice, stand for what is right and help one another grow!

A non judgmental and peaceful community where women can express themselves freely without being Judged is what we stand for!…Every woman is a star.

The group has over five thousand members as their numbers keep increasing, some people where chosen based on merit to be the admins and moderators of the prestigious group. This includes the following.

1.Adedokun Bolatito Ekundayo

A great writer once captured that, , “people who are determined are easily identified by the seeds they sow. Their determination is visibly seen written on their foreheads, actions and behaviour. It is also planted in their body system. Their environment feels it and encourage their efforts. The burning desire serves as a driving force and may be unstoppable.
Adedokun Bolatito Ekundayo is a very determine lady, this is epitomizes in her character. She is a designer, C.E.O of QSEMPIRE, youtuber, admin and founder of Female Talks.

She graduated from the prestigious Lagos State Polytechnic where she studied Office Technology and Management ( OTM) formerly known as “Secretarial Administration” happily married to Adedokun Abiola Taiwo.

2.Akindele Bolanle

Interpersonal relationship is studied today in schools as a discipline. It is the studied of behavioural science that deals with the interaction between a given environment.
At the individual level, those who enter into and have good interpersonal relations are always friendly, cheerful, admirable, successful and Visionary. They are also forward looking, approachable, and free givers of gift. Akindele Bolanle Falls within this realm  she is a woman of the people. She had a good interpersonal relationship with people around her. She  is a Female Talks Admin.

3.Esther Akanni Omotoke

Some individuals are born with charisma that magnetizes people towards them. Their behavioural style excludes certain qualities that propel admirers around them.Esther Akanni Omotoke had these qualities and people locked around her in admiration. She is one Femtalk admin.

4. Akindowo Opeoluwa Gracia 

Akindowo Opeoluwa has admirable  qualities focus and ambitious. It is clearly visible in Gracia Uprightness, she is frank, honest and calls a spade a spade. Indeed, Nigeria today needs people like her to take her out of the woods/mesh, integrity should be the society watchword which she stands for.  She is admin of Female Talks.

5.Osungbohun Adeola Olanrewaju

.Adeola Friendliness and sociability knew no bounds, she is lovely, humble, respectful, and above all a hardworking lady that wake up to the challenges of her time whenever the need arose. She is happily married and moderator of Femtalk.

6.WF Larrae Slimshadey Ayorinde

WF is a humble, respectful, obedient, hardworking, firm and a disciplinarian. She is dutifully carried out any responsibility committed to her with all the seriousness it deserves. She is one of Femtalk Moderator.

7.Olabisi Omolara

Olabisi Omolara is a beautiful lady, lull and lucid, smart, intelligent and brilliant. She always looks forward for better days ahead and inspired by dreams of success keeps her hook in the net of determine and courageous people. She is married and a moderator of Femtalk.

8.Lukman Adeola

Lukman Adeola is a pugnacious and passionate lady.  Her personality depicts integrity, dignity, and simplicity.  She is adore and admire my all.  Her smiles brighten the heart of all. Lukman Adeola is married, and moderator of Female Talks.

Female Talks is fast becoming a breeding home for ladies all over the world, they encouraged, motivate, inspire, and support themselves. They share their life experience and problem amongst themselves, seek advice and support from other members.

It will be vertex and accede that, Femtalk if did not aberrant from it vision, aim and mission will Unequivocally in the near future become a platform with an international recognization as a home for all women.


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