Vivian Ukwueze is the CEO of VAU TV, a production house that many believe to be among the best. She is from Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State. Vivian attained the famous Enugu State Science and Technology University where she studied, Guidance and Counselling.

Inspired by her passion, and desire to be a Television Personality, to effect and inspired change and impact positively as well as to entertain  and educate the society, she joined the Nigeria creative industry – Nollywood as an actress. Her first movie to act was “SLEEPING WITH MY ENEMY” produced and Directed by Deborah Davis, since then she has acted many movies.

Right from the beginning of her early days in the industry, Vivian associate herself with positive, focused and creative minds, those who she can learn from not those who could drain her valuable energy with complaining and uninspiring attitudes.

By developing relationship with those committed to constant improvement and the pursuit to be the best, she realise that she had absolutely amazing untapped talents that, if properly unleashed and applied will take not only her career but her entire team to stardom.

The pretty lady begins to write movie scripts and join the league of script writers with an impressive number of movies.

As it is said, “a full cup cannot accept anything more” similarly, a person who believes the he/she cannot learn anything else will stagnate quickly and cannot move to higher levels. A true sign of a mature individual is someone who see every opportunity as a chance to learn, even teachers has teachers; Vivian designed and engineered by birth and nature as a multi talented television personalities, begins to produce and Direct movies, some of the movies she produced and Directed includes, RAMPAGE, RUTHLESS AND HEART TRICKS etc.

The beautiful Africa Lady believes that, the present generation are living at the greatest time in all human history, surrounded by numerous and abundant opportunities that one can take advantage of,  to realize his/her dreams. Quickly recognizing YouTube as a platform to reach out to millions of people easily, Vivian create a YouTube Channel with the Name VAU TV.

Welcoming her viewers, family, friends and fans to VAU TV channel,  she made an amazing and impressive speech which pontificate that the lady is visionary and humble,  appealing to her fans and supporters to subscribe to VAU TV channel.

The mission of VAU Production is to discover surreptitious talents, nurture the amateurs, finding their strength and weakness. Produce award winning Actors and Actresses. VAU Productions helps you to grow your confidence and the ability to address a million crowd.

Interesting, the primary aim of VAU TV is actualizing the dreams of up and coming Actors and Actresses who are willing to learn, progress and be a better vision of themselves in the industry.

VAU TV has alots to offer to the world. Intriguing and amazing contents, talk shows, VAU shows, road street talk, everything that has to do with entertianment most especially the acting aspect. Acting they say is make believe. VAU is here to tell a story by visualizing it on paper down to the screen.

Hopefully, in the coming years VAU Productions would be a channel in one of the biggest cable in Nigeria.

Vivian Ukwueze is a lady with leadership qualities,  humble,  promising,  intelligent,  and a goal getter.  She had a good sense of humor and a magic smile that brighten the mode of everyone.


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