According to the Ministry of National Planing, 1980 “True development must mean the development of man – the unfolding and realization of his creative potential, enabling him to improve his material conditions and living, through the use of resources available to him. It is a process by which man’s personality is enhanced; and it that enhanced personality – creative, organized, and disciplined which is the moving force behind the socio – economic transformation of society. It is clear that, development does not start with goods and things. It starts with people – their orientation, organization, and discipline. When the accent on development is on things all human resources remain latent c untapped and a society can be poor amidst the most opulent material resources. On the contrary, when a society is properly orientated, organized and disciplined. It can be prosperous on the scientist basis of natural wealth.

In his account, L.D Koriyan captured that, “For development to qualify as true development it must be all – around well balanced, progressive and self – sustaining, that all individual aspects must be mutually reinforcing that development has to be multi – sectoral, multi- disciplinary, and multi – dimensional and that all these aspects must be effectively integrated. That development is much more than provision of road, electricity, water, communication facilities etc. however important these maybe, that development must include the exploitation of all available resources for the maximum good; vast improvement in our self – reliance, and self – assurance in our creativity and managerial ability in our productivity and production, particularly of the goods and services needed by the majority to improve the quality of their lives. That development must include vast and rapid quantitative and qualitative improvement in our individual and collective security and well being, and vast and rapid quantitative and qualitative improvement in our socio – cultural and socio – political development. That development must include the urgent installation of a progressively, more Democratic, egalitarian, civil and civilized society”.

Many scholars, sociologists, and philosophers and the host of others has attempted to look at the meaning of “True Development of Man” inclination to their area of interest. The concepts though remain a controversial one in the society. Irrespective of every school of thoughts, the most acceptable and simple meaning of True Development of Man is derive from the practical aspect.

If the above are any way near what true development of is, it is obvious, that Benue State is lacking behind in terms of true development. Also, true development has to be consciously and deliberately planned for, and painstakingly nurtured into being and healthy growth commonly by the efforts of a visionary, effective and pragmatic leadership.

Unfortunately, for decades now Benue State has witnessed weak leadership system. Those in leadership positions lack all that it takes to be in leadership, they are concerned only about their personal interests. This is one of the reason why a good parts of Benue communities are crying for all – around true development. It is accurate to state that, some of the communities are a sorry sight. Many looks like ghost towns, some are lacking vitality; therefore it is not surprising that, some of these homes communities have been abandoned by the young, the energetic, and the educated.

More so, the quality of life and standard of living in Benue State is generally low. The major occupation is peasant farming. So in spite of their back breaking handwork, incomes are extremely low because peasant farming is characterized by rudimentary skills and near primitive production methods, and land tenure system from which economies of scale cannot be obtained. To compound matters, very few other opportunities exist outside peasant farming in the state.

Again, many Benue people are losing hope of not just today but a better tomorrow. No thanks to her leaders, who have refuse to listen to cries of the masses. Everyday the situation get worse and the pains and sufferings of the people keep increasing. It sounds impossible when one says, it is easy to change the condition of Benue State, yes it so easy.

We can make Benue – our home extremely attractive and proud place for is to live in. We can bring great vitality into Benue, we can create great opportunities for creating enormous wealth. The resources needed by man to improve his material conditions and living are in abundant quantities in Benue State. What we need to do is to, Vote and elect credible people in leadership. People with great vision and creativity – Hon. Engr. Terver Atsar  belong to this group of people, he is visionary, energetic, humble and simple as well as he possess the qualities of a great leader.

With great simplicity and directiveness to bring about all these very desirable changes in Benue, he acknowledge and map out plans to place Benue on the map of fast developing state if eventually elected as the Governor of Benue State comes 2023.

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